I can write poetry, I can command a cavalry squadron. Something will turn up.

                                                   Alexey Degtiarev

    https://github.com/hellamps | +1 650-779-5479 | degtiarev@gmail.com | https://ru.linkedin.com/in/hellamps


      A systems developer with an open mind and broad horizons. Usually a team worker(in Belbin’s terms), with
    strong ability to build inter(and intra)team relationships. Easily adapts to existing development models,
    strives to improve practices. Has a passion for automation, and open source projects ranging from embedded
    systems to enterprise grade software. Experienced in troubleshooting all the way down to the hardware level.


    Jul 2014 - present: RingCentral / Nordigy, Senior Software Engineer

        Develop a highly available, feature rich, cloud based phone system

         ● Reviewed a couple of releases from database acceptance policies point of view, including release 
           branches cut-off, acceptance testing, merging post feature-freeze changes back to head branch.

         ● Implemented database part of Telus BusinessConnect™ i18n project, helping deliver this product to
            multilanguage Canada market. Also in this project an automation procedure of translation data 
            extraction had been created and included into whole translation process.

         ● Delivered number of urgent hot fixes to production in short terms.

         ● Xiamen Feature Team support on developing new features.

         ● Implemented CI automation for database code/structure changes, helping developers produce. better code
           and reducing number of errors, found during acceptance and regression tests

         ● various maintenance and backlog tasks.

    Apr 2008 - Jun 2014: NITA LLC, Senior Software Engineer

       Developed a new generation of Flight Data Processing system “Planeta-5”

         ● Proposed and promoted a solution with a highly available, robust architecture for a new generation of FDP
           system based on Oracle database and Pacemaker/DRBD HA cluster

         ● Tested and created a hardware environment for the new system, including scalability and  reliability tests.
           Fit all hardware in one standard 42 unit rack with standardized layout.

         ● Developed various system software components such as monitoring agents,  hardware-replacement wizards, startup
           scripts for servers and workstations, which make possible to built-in the system in whole monitoring solution
           for ATM infrastructure of air traffic control centers. 

         ● Technical liaison for government acceptance of Samara and Magadan Centers of Air Traffic Management. All results
           of this acceptances was positive and systems put into operation later also with success. 

         ● Participated in urgent project with adjusting software to new Rediced Vertical Separation Minimum(RVSM) require-
           ments, which put on operation in time at Nov 2011 

         ● Built a CI environment based on RPM and git for the entire project

         ● Backported various kernel drivers to legacy Linux kernels (from newest 2.x, 3.x kernels down to rhel5 2.6.18)

    Dec 2006 - Mar 2008 MT-Service, System Administrator and Software Engineer

         ● Created SAP-based web solution for ordering spare parts for Nokia phones, which was a prerequisite for launching
           an authorized Nokia spare parts distributor in Russia

         ● Decreased time of service repair for Samsung mobile phones by developing a synchronization software between SAP R/3
           system and Samsung partners site

         ● SAP R/3 and Oracle administration, planning, maintenance, licensing

         ● Developed sync daemons between SAP R/3 and various vendor reports system (Samsung, LG)

    Jun 2005 - Nov 2008 Ultrastar, Software Engineer

         ● Supported and developed billing system for mobile phone payment terminals, serving thousands of pays every day

         ● Created web application for tracking new mobile service contracts


      ● Sep 2000 - Jun 2005 M. S. in Computer Science, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics
      ● Sep 1996 - Jun 2000 Physics and Mathematics Lyceum in Zhodino, Belarus. 3rd diploma at Belarusian Physics Olimpic
        in 1997.

    *Skills & Proficiencies

      ● Languages: C/C++; PL/SQL; bash; Lua; Perl; Java
      ● RDBMS: Oracle and GoldenGate replication; PostgreSQL
      ● Source Control: git; svn, mercurial(hg)
      ● OS: Linux, Solaris, Windows
      ● Packaging systems: Debian, Redhat and derivatives, Solaris
      ● Software development methodologies: Agile, Scrum, XP.


     ● Guitar tube amplifiers, DIY, ping pong, volleyball, basketball
     ● Hardware design ranging from bare metal to FPGA